What keeps you grounded these days?

I say grounded because lot of things are happening simultaneously. Stress, pain, loss, disappointments, anxiety, and it's like everything around us seems to be spinning out of control.

Lately, I've been reading spiritual blogs, books, and dwelling myself into mental prayer. Well, that's one of St. Padre Pio's rule of life (do mental prayer atleast twice a day) and St. Teresa of Avila constantly refers it as Prayer of the Heart. Because it is the time and space given each day to the Lord, which we offer ourselves to Him. Opening ourselves, our heart, and soul to Him.

It’s not easy to practice. But remember, “The Holy Fathers say that whatever may happen during prayer, be it inner freedom or weariness, it’s all good. No prayer, be it good or poor, is lost before God.” (Way of a Pilgrim and The Pilgrim Continues His Way) If you’re having a hard time to pray, remember na He knows you and you don’t have to fight for His attention because you always have His attention. Maybe this is the right time para ikaw naman yung magbigay ng atensyon sa Kanya.

Apart from reading and practicing mental prayer, I’m currently watching The Chosen which helps me to fall in love with the Gospel of Matthew, and listening to BIAY (Bible in a Year) Also Gospel of Matthew. It’s on my daily basis for 264 days now. It’s an amazing podcast btw. How Fr. Mike explains the Gospel.

Pero siguro the most important thing is to do what you think will makes you holy (according to His teachings and will) A dear friend of mine told me na mali daw yung ‘Do what makes you happy’ dapat daw, ‘Do what makes you holy even if that won’t make you happy in a way you perceive it. Because eventually it will lead you to something good, something greater than being happy.”

So yeah, breathe.

Pray, hope, and don’t worry! - Padre Pio

Sending hugs and prayers!


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