Have you heard things like “babae ka lang.”, “babae kase.”

Have you heard things like “babae ka lang.”, “babae kase.” I cannot help but to think kung naririnig kaya yan nila St. Joan of Arc, St. Teresa, and other female saints who made a difference in Church, ano kayang sasabihin nila?

Sometimes, when we think about the saints, we just think of them as submissive people who lived many, many years ago. But we didn’t think that these saints made a huge difference in their time for peace and justice. A mysticism and activism indeed. These female saints fought with their parents, their siblings, their bishops, cardinals, and some of them; even the pope. The only thing they have in common was their courage, their bravery, their strong faith, and their focus on the mission they need to accomplish.

St. Joan of Arc and St. Catherine of Siena, both showed that it is possible for us, women to have a political influence despite the discriminatory practices in their time. St. Teresa of Avila struggled with male authorities who believed that a woman does not have a right to teach. Later on, she began the reform of the Carmelite order for both men and women as part of what came to be known as the Counter-Reformation (Reformed Discalced (Barefoot) Carmelite. For St. Teresa, the love of God became the source of her power and authority, and used it to create a space of togetherness and opportunities for women.

How about when St. Edith Stein's (St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross) teaching promotion was rejected because she’s a woman? She protested formally against this action and several months later, the minister ruled that ‘belonging to the female sex may not be seen as any hindrance to obtaining habilitation.’ St. Edith Stein’s courage as a woman determined the fate of other women and benefitted them. She believed that women were capable of achievement and deserved equal rights.

The next time you are tempted to disqualify, to cancel any woman, remember that a woman stayed at the foot of the cross of Jesus Christ; The one who always visits and longed for Jesus in the tomb was female; the first person to carry the revelation of resurrected Jesus was a woman.

We can always make a difference no matter what our gender is; as long as the intention is pure, the track record is clean, and able to respect others.


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