Every follower of Jesus has a not-so-great before. But every follower of Jesus also has an "after."

God’s calling happens in the before, when people aren’t even aware that they’re broken versions of themselves. Calling happens before God begins His transformative work of redemption because He sees past the before to what He purposed and planned. He sees past the before to the person He loves enough to call His own.

In Isaiah, God speaks what is true over us: His plan of redemption is on the march, because He has called us by name. Our choices don’t derail His. What we see when we look in the mirror doesn’t determine what He sees or who we’ll be by His hand, and so our brokenness doesn’t alter His plans. Nor do circumstances, other people, or our own choices determine our value; our value is assigned by the One to whom we belong.

So we don’t have to fear.

Fear not, you’re not who you’re going to be. Fear not, God can redeem your choices and use them for good. Fear not, God can heal your heart, your body, your relationships. Fear not, you were made for more than what you’ve experienced so far. Fear not, this is only the beginning.

(c) The Chosen

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