Competition does not, however, make women better women.

Treating womanhood as a competition burdens us, and it can also cause us to act out. This unhealthy spirit of competition is a major root cause of why we as women can be very unkind to one another. The only reason any woman ever utters a mean comment to or about another woman is that she does not feel good about herself and wants to bring the other woman down with her. That is what we as women do; we compare ourselves with the women around us and often end up feeling as though we don’t measure up, which causes insecurity in our hearts, and that insecurity drives us to tear down other women through unkind thoughts, words, and actions. It is a simple formula:

Comparison -> Insecurity -> Demeaning Others

It doesn’t uplift us in any way; it always does the opposite. It burdens us and brings us down. It stifles our gifts and our talents. It doesn’t allow us to live joyfully as the women God created us to be.

God looks on you with love, and you are called to reflect that love into the heart of every woman you encounter throughout your life. Rest in your unique beauty and abilities, and you will find your spirit strengthened and uplifted.

Excerpt from:

Be Brave by Emily Wilson


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